Calles Verdes: What Are We Up To Now?

San Fernando - Calles Verdes - Tree Care

Earlier this year, we kicked off a new chapter of our street greening initiative, Calles Verdes, in the City of San Fernando. As the name suggests, the purpose is to bring green spaces to parts of the county with little tree canopy in order to improve the health of the citizens who reside there. 

TreePeople Calles Verdes San Fernando Kickoff

Trees, especially in these hot urban areas, reduce the risks of heatstroke, pollution, energy waste from air conditioning, soil erosion, and more. They bring people together, cool the city down, provide food and shade, and create cleaner air for us all. We believe that trees need people and people need trees, and that relationship is strongest in neighborhoods like San Fernando. 

San Fernando - Calles Verdes - Tree Care

Our work on the Calles Verdes Initiative this year has been fantastic and it’s ramping up now that planting season is here! Here are the plantings we’re looking forward to:

October 19: 25 trees to be planted

October 26: 24 trees to be planted

November 14: 24 trees to be planted for a Teams for Trees event in San Fernando

November 16: 24 trees to be planted

December 7: 24 trees to be planted for a Teams for Trees event in San Fernando

San Fernando - Calles Verdes - Tree Care

By the end of this planting season in May 2020, we will have planted over 500 trees as part of this initiative! In a time where social equity and environmentalism are so deeply intertwined, we can’t express how grateful we are to everyone who has come out to support Calles Verdes. You are all friends to your neighbors and to the new trees that will support their communities.

We couldn’t do this work without our volunteers, and if you’d like to join us, please RSVP via our events calendar today!

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  1. Cari   •  

    I signed up to help plant trees 10/26. I’m so excited! Street trees r sooo important!
    C u Sat

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