Appreciation for our Volunteers!

Here at TreePeople, August is Volunteer Appreciation Month.

Our work, at the end of the day, begins and ends with the people that support trees. One of the key groups of people doing that are our INCREDIBLE volunteers who take the time out of their days (usually weekends!) to help the world around them out of the goodness of their hearts. 

Our volunteers come in all shapes and sizes: 

Some of them are kids:

Mother's Day Tree Care at Woodbridge Park

Some of them are scouts:

TreePeople Forest Restoration at San Francisquito Canyon

Some of them are students

Water Talks in Huntington Park

Some of them have been on TV:

San Francisquito Canyon Restoration

Some of them volunteer with their whole families:

Mother's Day Tree Care at Woodbridge Park

Some of them need a little extra help:

Mother's Day Tree Care at Woodbridge Park

Some of them are called “Mayor Eric Garcetti” (well, ONE of them is):

Watts Rising Press Conference

Some of them join us in the mountains:

Calabasas Tree Care

Some of them join us at schools:

Vena Elementary School Tree Planting

And some of them join us in the streets:

Van Nuys Citizen Forester Planting

No matter who they are, where they came from, where they’ve joined us, or how they helped out, we are so endlessly grateful for every single volunteer who has worked with us! 

Trees need people and people need trees. YOU are half of the equation that allows us to fight for the environment. 



  1. Columbus   •  

    Way to go! I see those Cub Scouts out there! Our troop had the privilege to plant trees each year, and what a great projects for the kids!

  2. website   •  

    It’s great to see young people getting active to help the environment. Keep up the good work!

  3. Blanca   •  

    Hi l like to be a volunteer. How can i be a volunteer? Can someone help me please.

  4. Markham   •  

    First off my hats off to all these wonderful volunteers for a job well done. We are looking forward to spring as we go out every year to our local park and participate in tree planting activities.

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