Good for the Environment: Inside and Out

It is one thing to talk your talk, it is another to walk your walk! In a unique partnership, BIO-K+, an international, family-run biotech company that specializes in the research, manufacturing and marketing of their Bio-K+ probiotics, is working together with TreePeople to take care of our environment – inside and out! 

With a goal to include their greater customer base, Bio-K+ is currently sponsoring four mountain restoration events in 2019 that not only brings their own employees out into the wildlands, but shares the experience by inviting employees of the stores that carry their product.  Participants, coming as far as Claremont, Valencia and Ventura have joined us in the Santa Monica Mountains for a morning of fun and good outdoor work.

Event Day

Gathering early in the morning, volunteers from Whole Foods, Sprouts, Gelsons, Follow Your Heart, Rainbow Acres and more, have joined BIO-K+ and TreePeople at Lower Topanga State Park. After signing in and receiving an introduction to the local ecosystem and tool safety from TreePeople’s Wildlands Restoration staff, Cody Chappel and Jack Smith, volunteers grab gloves and tools, and head down the trail to the worksite.

What may seem like a perfectly beautiful, green, environment at first, volunteers quickly learn that most of the flowering plants and grasses that cover the area, are non-native, invasive, and potential fire fuel when they dry out. The first task at hand?  Pull those weeds!

TreePeople’s restoration approach is to remove the invasive plants to create space for young natives to get established, grow, spread their seed and eventually take over the site.  Other than continually pulling weeds out from around the natives, it involves watering, and surrounding them with cages to protect them from foraging deer.

After a few hours of work, our volunteers step back and are in awe looking at the impact they have had, and all they have accomplished.  Time to gather up the tools and head back up the trail to culminate the morning with a box lunch provided by Bio-K+.

Thank you!

Thank you to Bio-K+ for helping to bring balance in our lives and supporting our unique footprint – inside and out!

For more information about how you can bring your company out for a teambuilding event, visit our Teams For Trees webpage.


  1. Lola Luna   •  

    Hi I like to get information , Like to meet new people and volunteer out their nature in the Tyler. Texas . Thank you you can reach me back my telephone number is 9037472673 thank you

  2. I help keep trees stay healthy and remove trees that are unsafe or diseased within my tree service company. That being said we do a lot of volunteer work in Southern Kentucky helping keep invasive plant species such as weeds out of public spaces and removing overhanging branches that are unsafe. It’s great to get kids involved at an early age, this will help grow their personalities and mold them into helpful adults that want to contribute and help others in society

  3. David Shields   •  

    You all are modern day heroes! I admire people like you guyz! Keep up the good work! The world needs you. I’m also an advocate for the environment here in our place. We also do community work like mangrove tree planting etc. Great article by the way.

  4. I absolutely adore this! As an arborist, myself, my Tree service company always participates in Arbor Day and we Plant as an abundance of tree in different locations in the Jacksonville area. Please keep this going!

  5. This is heroic work in my opinion! As a tree service provider we love to see and hear about amazing humans doing excellent work involving our friendly trees and vegetation! Love it. Thanks for publishing!

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