Make Your Voices Heard: Urban Forest…Stand Up for Trees

Did you know that you actually live in an urban forest? 

An urban forest is made up of a network of publicly and privately-owned trees and forests in and around cities. At its core, the urban forest connects, nourishes and optimizes the health and functionality of the city and those who dwell in it.

Unfortunately, LA’s urban forest is often seen by some as merely street trees or parks that simply add beauty. Therefore, the real value of the urban forest is not fully recognized so it does not receive enough funding, protections, or maintenance it needs to thrive and protect the lives and health of all Angelenos.

Time to Take Action

An Urban Forest Management Plan (UFMP) is urgently needed to fully realize the potential of LA’s urban forest, to harness the wealth and size of the forest, and to work with nature in meeting the challenges of climate change.

LA is in the initial stages of developing a framework as the first step for an Urban Forest Management Plan (UFMP) funded by a grant from CAL FIRE. A draft of the framework is expected to be done in December of 2018; but to ensure this plan considers and incorporates resident opinions and priorities, a public survey has been developed for your voice to be heard. Complete the survey by August 15, 2018.

Click for Survey in English   

Click for Survey in Spanish (Encuesta en Español) 

If you’d like more information and details about the UFMP, download the attached pdf document.

UFMP One Sheet



  1. Victor Irigoyen   •  

    I would love to volunteer in planting trees please let me know when we can join

  2. JoelGruenberg   •  

    I have one gallon pots of Quercus agrifolia established and ready for permanent home
    Also black walnut Juglans californica Both from seed.
    To give/donate ( or sell $5 each)to good home
    I’m in Lompoc. Can’t find anyone here who wants them.
    Joel. 805-588-4448
    I’ve given to mission in past. Not sure if successful. Capability.

  3. ines Martinez   •  

    My name is Ines , I am living in South California .
    I am interested and be voluntary for plant trees after the fires.please can i know with which persone i have to connect?thanks.have great day

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