The Healing Power of Trees

Written by Carissa Donahoo, Public/Mental Health Organizer

Did you know trees and nature have the power to heal us from head to toe?

That is why it is always important —  especially now —  that we get outside and explore our urban forests, or just our backyards, patios, or even just looking out a window.

Here are a few of the ways the nature in your own community can help out your body:

  1. Starting at the top of your head with your brain, researchers have found being outside around nature and trees helps to calm and renew your brain’s thoughts, improving your ability to focus! 

El Poder Curativo de Los Árboles

¿Sabías que los árboles y la naturaleza tienen el poder de curarnos de pies a cabeza?

Es por eso que es importante — especialmente ahora — que salgamos y exploremos nuestros bosques urbanos, nuestros patios traseros, patios, o incluso simplemente mirar por la ventana.

Estas son algunas de las formas en que la naturaleza en su comunidad puede ayudar su bienestar:

  1. Comenzando en la parte superior de tu cabeza, con el cerebro, los investigadores descubrieron que estar afuera o alrededor de la naturaleza/árboles,  te ayuda a calmar y renovar los pensamientos del cerebro, ¡mejorando tu capacidad de concentración!

Meet a TreePerson: Miguel Vargas, Community Organizer

Miguel Vargas (right)

Hey Treeps!

We’re all TreePeople — some of us just happen to work here. 

And we want to get to know each and every TreePerson out there, so we thought we’d start by introducing ourselves. 

We’re starting our Meet a TreePerson series! Twice a week, we’ll interview a staff member so we can all get to know each other a little better!

Our first TreePerson is Miguel Vargas, Community Organizer in Southeast Los Angeles.

Miguel started as a volunteer at TreePeople, planting trees and hanging out with his friends.… Read more >>

Conoce a un TreePerson: Miguel Vargas, Organizador Comunitario

Miguel Vargas (derecha)


Todos somos TreePeople — algunos nada mas trabajamos aquí.

Y queremos conocer a cada una de estas personas. Entonces nosotros pensamos en comenzar con presentarnos. 

¡Vamos a comenzar nuestra serie de Conoce a un TreePerson! ¡Dos veces a la semana entrevistaremos a un miembro del personal para que todos nos conozcamos un poco mejor!

Nuestro primer TreePerson es Miguel Vargas, Organizador Comunitario en el sureste de Los Ángeles.

Miguel comenzó como voluntario de TreePeople, plantando árboles y pasando el rato con sus amigos.… Read more >>

A COVID-19-Safe Eco Book Club Starter Kit!

In the wake of COVID-19, we are all sitting at home wondering how in the world we are going to keep busy while being responsible and socially isolating ourselves. 

Well, do we have a solution for you!  

Our staff loves reading about trees and the environment (obviously). Most of you out there can admire the natural world by simply looking out the window, so we want to help you with all of the tools you need to make you look at that green space with a newfound sense of awe. … Read more >>

Students Tell Us About Their Favorite Trees!

We reached out to the TreePeople community in search of stories that remind us what it means to feel connected with the trees around us. We were not disappointed with the amazing responses we received!

Those included a group of 4th to 8th graders at Manzanita School in Topanga. We loved these stories so much that we decided to share them with the world!

Paloma, 5th Grade:

Chirping birds, crunchy oak leaves and small plastic swing, swinging, fill my ears and head with amazing thoughts and sounds.… Read more >>