This Week: Ecology of the LA River Conference!

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Attend the Council for Watershed Health event, November 7th and learn about the Ecology of the LA River. Building off the success of the State of the Los Angles River Watershed Conference in 2013, this conference will focus on the biological resources within the Los Angeles River watershed. The discussion will explore the river’s verdant past, the importance of ecosystems in a healthy watershed, and efforts to revitalize parts of the river for linear parks and wildlife habitat.

The Los Angeles River Watershed includes 1,400 miles of streams, a population of more than 4.5 million people and countless plants and animals.… Read more >>

TreePeople Endorses Prop 1 and Prop P


Still wondering how to vote in next week’s election? Read on to see TreePeople’s Board Chairman Ira Ziering give an update on where we stand as an organization on the key propositions on the ballot and why you should vote yes on Prop1 and Prop P.


I am writing to ask that you Join TreePeople in supporting State Proposition 1 and County Measure P on November 4th.

For more than 40 years TreePeople has been demonstrating the power of direct citizen action to physically improve the beauty, health and sustainability of our city.… Read more >>

Learning lessons from the Millennium Drought, 2014 California Delegation to Australia: Melbourne and Adelaide

From left to right:  Meaghan Laverty (TEC), Francesca Vietor (San Francisco Public Utilities Commission), Andy, Felicia Marcus (California Water Resources Control Board) , Greg Good (Head of Infrastructure, LA Mayor Garcetti’s Office) , David Jaeckel (Yale School of Forestry), Leslie Friedman Johnson, Jared Blumenfeld (EPA Regional Administrator) , Nancy Sutley  (LA-DWP Chief Sustainability and Economic Development Officer), Gary Hildebrand (LA County Public Works) , Deborah Bloome, Seth Keiner, Craig Perkins (TEC), Felipe Fuentes (LA City Councilman) , Andrew Fahlund (California Water Foundation), Tracy Minamide (LA Bureau of Sanitation).

Learning lessons from the Millennium Drought 2014 California Delegation to Australia: Melbourne and Adelaide

Australia is the world’s driest inhabited continent, and between 1997 and 2010 it faced an unprecedented challenge. During what is now called the “Millennium Drought,” lakes and reservoirs turned to dust. Thankfully, the country emerged from the epic dry spell stronger and more water-resilient than ever thanks to policies and actions taken by its people and governments.

In light of California’s current water crisis, select TreePeople staff, including founder and president Andy Lipkis, embarked on a Drought Solutions Delegation to Australia, cohosted by TreePeople and The Energy Coalition.… Read more >>

A Call to Drought Action, LA: in the Steps of Australia, Washington and Sacramento

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A Call to Drought Action, LA: in the Steps of Australia, Washington and Sacramento

LA’s star is rising, and so am I, literally, as I write this from 37,000 feet on flight to Melbourne. Visiting Australia is a deeply meaningful journey for me. I traveled there from the beginnings of TreePeople, when I was in my early 20’s, and it was truly life changing.

First and foremost, it’s where I met my wife and partner, Kate. Also, it was here whiles visiting my Australian family that I began another lifelong love: capturing rainwater.… Read more >>

If I Had a (Sledge) Hammer


Breaking up the pavement around your home and in your community is pretty easy, but aside from having a good excuse to use a sledgehammer, why would you want to?  The simple answer is that the more permeability we are able to create in our yards and urban environment, the healthier the watershed.

When water falls onto hardscape surfaces, it runs off into gutters, to storm drains, taking everything in its path directly to the ocean. The single highest source of water pollution is this urban run-off.… Read more >>

The Future Is In Our Hands, Harvest Moon 2014

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The Future is in Our Hands, Harvest Moon 2014

Nearly two weeks have gone by and people are still talking about TreePeople’s annual gala An Evening Under the Harvest Moon. Thanks to all our donors and sponsors along with all those behind the scenes who helped in making it an exceptional night!

There was a true buzz about Harvest Moon this year, and with a sold out event, we raised $400,000 over the course of the evening. We dined and danced with 450 guests and celebrated three profound honorees who have each helped make Los Angeles a more vibrant and livable city, while strengthening TreePeople’s mission and work.… Read more >>

A Drought-Friendly Thank You To Our Public Lands

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Give thanks for our public lands, because they are home to the abundance of nature that makes our urban life sustainable. Last weekend, TreePeople celebrated National Public Lands Day by helping out in the Santa Monica Mountains. We were excited to be part of National Public Lands Day, the largest volunteer event for America’s public lands, when thousands of Americans volunteer to improve and enhance our nation’s public lands.

Over Saturday and Sunday, 100 people turned out to bring the ecosystem back to health in endangered Malibu Creek State Park and Lower Topanga Canyon Creek.… Read more >>